GOOD SHABBOS ALL FRI 26 JANUARY     NORTHCLIFF NEWS AND REVIEWS                                      BH” CANDLE LIGHTING 18.44PM   STANDARD JHB LIGHTING TIME 18.15  SHABBOS END 19.36 Our regular Monday and Thursday minyans continue. WE NEED YOU & YOU & YOU…..Welcome back to some of our old members who are supporting us and wish to return to our homely shul. With the WHOLE community pulling together we can have regular minyonim and invite guest leiners to read Torah for us on Shabbos. WE NEED YOU & YOU & YOU….ONLY WITH YOUR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION CAN THIS WORK. THERE ARE A NUMBER OF MEN ALL WAITING TO BE NUMBER 10. GENTLEMAN AND LADIES IT STARTS AT 1. Knock Knock: “Wie is  der?”  “Fergessin” Fergessin What?? “Have you been fergessing to come to shul lately because we have been missing you.”   ONLY WITH YOUR ACTIVE PARTICIPATION CAN THIS WORK. THERE ARE A NUMBER OF MEN ALL WAITING TO BE NUMBER 10. GENTLEMAN AND LADIES IT STARTS AT 1. REFUAH SHALEIMAH To Eric Blumenfeld and Rodney and those in the community who need a speedy and full recovery.

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Purim 2018 Will   take   place   at   Northcliff   with   a   megillah   reading   Wednesday   night   28 th    February 2018. Light supper and refreshments. Please RSVP to Meyer in the office or myself..                          THE    SHOW    MUST    GO    ON    IF    OUR    ENEMIES    COULD    NOT    DESTROY    US    WHY    SHOULD    WE DESTROY OURSELVES..
PARSHA BE’SHALACH(EXODUS 10:1-13:16)                                                        THE DESIRE TO QUIT A   Life   Lesson   –   IT   IS   NOT   UP   TO   US   TO   STOP.  Even   though   the   Jewish   people   had   just personally   witnessed   an   awesome   series   of   miracles,   God   knew   that   at   the   first   sign   of   trouble   they would   want   to   return   to   Egypt   and   back   to   their   lives   of   slavery.   " PERHAPS   THE   PEOPLE   WILL RECONSIDER    WHEN    THEY    SEE    A    WAR,    AND    THEY    WILL    RETURN    TO    EGYPT  "    (Exodus, 13:17).How   many   times   have   you   set   a   goal   for   yourself   and   the   moment   something   didn't   go   as smoothly   as   you   had   planned,   you   immediately   experienced   self-doubt   and   seriously   questioned   your ability,   worthiness,   and   even   the   goal   itself?   And   the   dream   that   you   were   so   certain   you   wanted   ends up   slowly   drifting   into   the   large   sea   of   the   other   unaccomplished   goals   and   dreams   you   had   in   the past.   Isn't   it   amazing   that   on   Monday   you   knew   exactly   what   you   wanted   with   crystal   clear   clarity   and had   a   solid   game   plan   to   achieve   it,   and   by   Wednesday   you're   about   to   give   up?   The   reason   for   all   of this   is   due   to   two   internal,   distinct   and   powerful   drives   that   God   gave   as   a   gift   to   all   of   us.   One   drive wants   to   change   the   world,   climb   the   highest   mountains,   and   leave   the   planet   in   a   radically   and   more improved   place   than   it   now   exists.   The   other   drive   will   then   challenge,   question,   and   doubt   every   part of this journey and try with all its might to prevent you from never accomplishing anything. Why   would   God,   who   loves   us   more   than   words   could   ever   express,   give   us   a   desire   not   to   grow, succeed,   or   experience   the   pleasure   of   great   accomplishments?   The   answer   is   simple:   Only   through struggle   and   fighting   the   burning   desire   to   quit   can   we   ever   have   the   unbelievable   joy   and   ecstasy that   comes   from   achievement.   If   God   knew   the   Jews   would   want   to   run   back   to   slavery   at   the   first challenge   they   encountered   after   just   witnessing   all   of   the   miracles   that   He   preformed   for   them, then   clearly   the   drive   to   quit   and   retreat   is   alive   and   well   within   all   of   us.   It   doesn't   matter   how   big, great,   or   strong   you   are   --   this   force   will   always   be   there.Knowledge   is   power   and   by   knowing   that   this "drive   to   quit"   was   designed   by   God   to   actually   make   you   great   will   now   give   you   the   ability   to   see   it for   what   it   is:   A   test.   Will   you   recognize   that   this   drive's   only   purpose   is   to   get   you   NOT   to   change the   world   and   then   fight   through   the   urge   to   run   away,   or   do   you   stop   in   your   tracks   and   question   your very   existence?Every   time   you   begin   a   project,   start   an   exercise   program,   want   to   launch   a   new career,   or   go   towards   any   meaningful   goal,   you   must   know   that   you   will   encounter   a   war.   This   war might   be   disguised   as   the   people   who   tell   you   that   cannot   succeed,   or   the   rejection   you   face,   or   the obstacles   you'll   inevitably   encounter.   Remember,   you   were   "pre-designed"   by   God   to   have   a   burning urge   to   retreat   to   Egypt.   Make   no   mistake   about   it,   you   will   be   tested.   Great   men   and   women   have   all faced   the   exact   same   tests   and   they   have   doubted   themselves   and   all   had   the   urge   to   quit.   But   for them,   going   back   to   Egypt   was   not   an   option.   So   they   instead   kept   their   eye   on   the   ball   and   kicked their   self-   doubt   in   its   shin's   and   went   on   to   greatness.   And   people   look   at   their   great   success   stories and   bemoan   to   all   who'll   listen   that   they   too   would   have   achieved   greatest   if   they   had   the   same circumstances.   And   that's   the   great   irony   --   their   circumstances   aren't   just   the   same,   but   identical. The   circumstance   was   the   desire   to   quit.   Great   men   and   women   blast   through   it,   while   others reconsider   when   they   see   a   war   and   return   to   Egypt.So,   while   having   a   good   plan   is   important,   not giving   up   on   it   is   everything.   And   sometimes   even   after   you   choose   to   fight   the   war,   you   might   not   win. But   take   much   comfort   in   knowing   that   it's   completely   up   to   God   whether   or   not   you'll   have   the strength   and   ability   to   win   the   war.   But   that   was   never   the   point.   Because   the   purpose   of   the   test   was to   just   fight   the   war   and   refuse   to   retreat   to   Egypt.   And   since   we're   all   designed   for   greatness,   it's only through choosing to fight and march on that we'll inevitably experience the ecstasy of success.    This   idea   from   this   weeks   parsha   should   have   everyone   looking   internally   and   wondering   why are   we   so   prepared   to   give   up   so   easily..85%   of   the   community   dreamed   a   dream   now   is   the time to implement an action because it is YOUR dream..                     Starting again at Northcliff Shul , me,you, US…..
Mr    Fred    Cohen,    a    young    businessman    put    a    tearoom,    dancehall,    plastic    theatre,    swimming    pool, bushmans   cave   and   roadhouse   at   the   top   of   the   plateau   which   would   be   the   weekend   mecca   for Johannesburg   residents.   Years   later   it   would   also   be   the   scene   of   the   tragic   burning   of   the   two Torahs   on   Rosh   Hashanah,   when   the   Northcliff   and   District   Hebrew   Congregation   were   using   the premises   for   the   High   Festival   Services.   Fred   Cohen   built   roads,   reticulated   water,   started   his   own bus   service,   built   his   own   nursery   school   and   even   founded   his   own   Building   Society   for   facilitating building   in   the   area.   The   hall   of   Mr   Cohen’s   sumptuous   residence   was   often   used   by   the   congregation for   services.   Whilst   Fred   Cohen   was   never   an   active   member   of   the   congregation,   he   never   the   less encouraged   the   formation   of   the   congregation   and   in   1952   was   asked   to   become   the   first   President of   the   Northcliff   and   District   Hebrew   Congregation   in   honour   of   being   the   “father   of   the   township”. During   the   year   of   1950   the   idea   of   a   Northcliff   Congregation   and   Shul   came   to   being.   On   the   21 January   1951   the   first   meeting   was   held   with   the   object   of   establishing   a   Hebrew   Congregation   for Northcliff   and   the   surrounding   areas.   It   was   an   enthusiastic   meeting   and   it   was   decided   that   a circular   letter   would   be   sent   to   the   residents   of   Northcliff,   Linden,   Blackheath,   Roosevelt   Park, Honeydew   and   surrounding   areas   calling   for   a   second   meeting.   There   is   little   detail   of   this   meeting, but    at    a    third    meeting    on    27    February    1951    a    committee    was    elected    and    a    motion    carried unanimously   that   the   Northcliff   and   District   Hebrew   Congregation   be   formed.   The   United   Hebrew Congregation   and   Chief   Rabbi   Rabinowitz   was   advised   of   this   decision   and   the   formation   of   the committee.   Regular   Friday   evening   services   commenced   at   the   home   of   Mr   &   Mrs   L   Reichenberg.   Men offered   their   services   as   “Chazanim”   and   a   warm   and   happy   atmosphere   prevailed   amongst   the congregation.   There   was   a   lack   of   formality   but   everyone   seemed   to   get   pleasure   in   the   contact   and socializing   with   his   fellow   Jew   in   this   little   populated   are   of   Johannesburg.   The   Gabbah   –   Mr Reichenberg   even   transliterated   the   “Yigdal”   so   everyone   could   join   in   the   lusty   singing   of   the   finale to   the   services.   Slowly   the   congregations   began   to   take   shape.   At   a   meeting   on   1   April   1951   a   ladies guild   was   elected   and   a   decision   was   taken   for   the   first   time   that   High   Festival   services   would   be held.   A   membership   fee   of   £6.60   per   annum   was   introduced,   and   a   bank   account   was   opened.Rabbi Rabinowitz   suggested   that   a   young   South   African   who   had   qualified   as   a   Reverent   be   invited   to conduct    the    Friday    evening    service,    namely    Reverent    Sydney    Katz.    There    was    considerable excitement   and   arrangements   were   made   to   hold   a   special   children’s   service   on   the   Saturday   morning and    an    Oneg    Shabbat    at    the    house    of    Mr    &    Mrs    S    Rubin,    where    the    Reverent    was    to    be accommodated.   Arrangements   were   made   for   the   congregation   to   obtain   a   loan   of   a   Torah   and   prayer books.   The   Reverent   was   met   with   an   enthusiastic   full   house   at   Mr   &   Mrs   Reichenbergs   residence. Reverent   Katz   was   also   engaged   to   conduct   the   High   Festivals.   Chief   Rabbi   Rabinowitz   called   a meeting   in   October   1951   and   commended   Northcliff   for   making   the   most   remarkable   and   gratifying progress.   He   suggested   appointing   a   full   time   spiritual   leader   and   Hebrew   teacher   and   recommended Reverent   Katz.   Subscriptions   were   raised   to   £1.10   per   family   per   month   and   Rev.   Katz   was   appointed. During   1952   Friday   evening   services   continued   to   be   held   at   the   Reichenbergs   residence   whilst Saturday morning services were held at the Maisels home.